Canli case study


Canlitek private solutions is a Chennai-based service company. They manage the operations involved both in the service and manufacturing sectors. Tracking various machinery involved in the Operations is powered by IoT automation solutions that can be automated, measured, analyzed optimized in real-time for error-free operations.

Solutions provided

Scopex ERP implementation and Customization, IoT-based automation provided.

Apps implemented

Contacts, Employees, Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Service, Accounts.

Problem statement

Canlitek private solutions are into service management of the types of machinery and manufacturing sector. They wanted to adapt to the rapidly growing IoT for automation and integrations of the operations involved in both service and manufacturing sectors. They wanted to have a Centralised database with seamless integration. And they also wanted to track and optimize the workforce and testing tools in the deployment of optical fibre cable.

Reason for choosing Scopex

Plenty of productive time was getting consumed for regular human interventions at various stages. They wanted to remove the bottleneck and focus on developing strategies for their organization. They wanted to bring a solution by having a centralized database establishing integration across and also wanted to have IoT-based automation.
Scopex was their first choice of ERP, and after going through all the mentioned ERP, they found Scopex is the best suitable and cost-effective solution.

Benefits of implementing Scopex ERP software